Terms and conditions of use

sisicollection.com claims the following Terms and Conditions for its viewers and advice them to thoroughly go through it before placing an order of any products listed on our site.



1. Eligibilities for ordering:

You should meet the following eligibilities before placing an order on our website.


1.1 Your age is at least 18 years

1.2 You are legally capable to accept any contract given by us;

1.3 You are an authorized user of any debit or credit card(s) being used to purchase goods;

2. Where are services accessible?

We accept orders worldwide from individuals, store groups, chain stores and selected number of wholesalers within USA and Major parts of the world.


For detailed number of countries please visit our “delivery page”.

3. Our interaction with our clients:

After receiving an order, an email is sent by us to acknowledge you that we have received your order. But this does not mean that your order has been accepted. A confirmation of your order is clarified upon a dispatch confirmation letter sent by us to you.


3.1 We do not dispatch any order until we receive full payment in accordance of our payment policy. Payment policies can be viewed on the clauses (6.0 to 6.3).

3.2 In case of any mistake in your order, you can directly inform us via phone or email during the processing period of your order. If your order has already been processed then you will be unable to modify it.

3.3 If you have ordered us more than one item from our collection, then a separate dispatch confirmation of each item will be provided to you. Dispatch confirmation of few products out of your entire order can be possible, and we are not obligated to supply those products until we have not sent you a separate dispatch confirmation for them.

3.4 It is your responsibility to inform us your accurate personal details and also if payment is by card, whatever credit or debit card you use must contain enough balance to cover the cost when ordering for the product. In case of any amendments in your personal details, it is very IMPORTANT to inform us about it as soon as possible.

4. Rights of Contract Consumer

Anyone who has contracted with us can exchange it within seven days of the contract. 


5. Delivery Details

Our delivery timeline is usually specified in the Dispatch Confirmation but if the date is not mentioned then your order will be fulfilled within 4 buisness days from the date of dispatch confirmation. For further details please contact us using via the contact us page.  


6. Pricing and Payment Procedures

The price of each item on the website is listed with every item. The specified price of each item includes VAT but excludes delivery charges. Delivery charges are specified when order is placed and that should also be paid with the price of the product.


6.1 We do not dispatch any product until we receive full payment in advance including delivery charges.

6.2 Prices can be changed anytime without prior notice but we do not affect the prices of those products of which its order has already been accepted.

6.3 Payments can be made by credit or debit card, via PAYPAL,MASTERCARD,VISA, ELECTONIC BANK TRANSFER, CHEQUE etc. note* (Here you can select your own payment methods).

7. Our Legal Responsibility.

If we mistakenly deliver wrong or defective products to any of our client then following are the options our customer can opt:


7.1 Can exchange or send us defective items back to us immediately received to repair or replace it. We do not have a refund but an exchange / replacement policy

7.2 We do not give any legal responsibility to you for any substantial or circuitous losses which shall include returns, profits, contracts or business breakup and loss of data or reputation. In respect to all these issues you will not be liable to pay the exceed amount for the Products as mentioned in the contract.

7.3 Our liability will not be bound or exclude if we face any death or personal injury, we still will not be sanctioned to limit or exclude our liability to you.

7.4 We do not harm your legal rights in accordance of our contract.

8. Intellectual Property Rights

All images, text or any information provided on this website or any other property rights in connection with the products will remain the property of www.sisicollection.com


9. Import Duty

If you ask delivery of your order outside our designated zones then you will be responsible to pay the import duties and taxes which are charged when the delivery arrives at the mentioned destination. Please also take into consideration that we have no control over these charges and also cannot predict their amount. You can further consult your local customs office for further details before placing an order.


9.1 Please also note that you are liable to fulfill all appropriate rules and laws of the country where you specified us to destine the delivery of your order. We will not be responsible for any infringement of laws made by you.

10. Written Communications

According to law the exchanging of information or communication between a Company and its clients require in writing. So when using our site, you will probably have electronic communication with us. E-mails and postings on our website will help you to connect with us and for contractual purposes, notices and information will also be through electronic medium of communication. Our company fulfills this requirement of law and you acknowledge it when using our website, by doing so your statuary will not be affected.


11. Notifications

All information or notices by you must be emailed us at info@maksins.com. And we may reply you by sending you an email or letter on the postal address you provided us when placing an order, or any other ways specified in applicable laws. Notices from our clients are served instantly after 24 hours or after three days of the date of posted letters or notices. In proving the service of any notice, it would help us to prove that the letter was properly addressed, stamped and posted to the right address. In case of an email, we again can able to prove that the email was sent on the proper specified email address of the addressee.

12. Transfer of rights and obligation

Our contract clearly states that it strictly prohibited leaking our company’s information to any third party except our respective successors and associated agents.


12.1 You are not permitted to transfer, assign or rearrange the contract or any of your rights and duties which comes under the contract without our written consent.

12.2 We can legally bring any amendments which may include transfer, assign or dispose of contract any time during the term of the Contract.

13. Security

You are obligated to guarantee not to harm any of our directors, officers, employees, our operations or any third party agents who are associated with our organization. If you breach any of these terms and conditions, intellectual property rights, infringe privacy or other rights of any person or entity then it will cause a strict action against you.   


14. Circumstances beyond our control

We shall not be responsible for such circumstances which are out of our control which may affect our performance or services. Such circumstances can be explained as follows: natural disasters, weather conditions, strikes, national emergencies, war